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Ruth Blackwell

The Blackwell Ghost (2017) Review

“The Blackwell Ghost” is a found footage film and mockumentary that was written, directed, and acted by an anonymous cast and crew. The film is presented as a documentary shot by an unnamed Hollywood filmmaker turned ghost hunter who investigates an allegedly haunted house. Consequently, The Blackwell Ghost shares the same (unknown) lead actor as in The Phoenix Tapes ’97 (2016). ...

The Blackwell Ghost (2017) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The Blackwell Ghost (2017) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis Found footage film and mockumentary where a filmmaker tries to prove that ghosts are real but soon regrets his intentions after he finds himself being terrorized in a haunted house by a ghost with a dark past. An authentic documentary that shows actual ghost footage that was captured on camera. The Blackwell Ghost...

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