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First Official BOOTS ON THE GROUND Trailer Proves that War is Hell!

Every so often amongst the plethora of new found footage films, we come across a mashup of two unlikely sub-genres. The upcoming found footage film Boots on the Ground, by director Louis Melville, is one such example, mixing traditional war footage with the supernatural. This leads us to an all-important question, is Boots on the Ground a fictional film or an actual account of historic events? An ...

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Boots on the Ground (2018)

Hindu Kush, Afghanistan October 2014. War ends at midnight, all five British soldiers have to do is stay alive till then. After surviving a firefight the five British soldiers try to find a safe haven to sit out the rest of last night of the Afghan war. Trekking through woodland they come across a large imposing British fort dating back to the first British-Afghan war of the early 19th century. On...

Savageland (2015) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Savageland (2015) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis On the night of June 2, 2011, the largest mass murder in American history occurs in the off-the-grid border town of Sangre de Cristo, Arizona, just a few miles north of Mexico. The entire population of 57 disappears overnight, and the next morning nothing is left but blood trails into the desert. The police arrest the lone...

Savageland (2015)

Bad Ben (2016) Review

"Bad Ben" is a found footage film written by, directed by, and starring Nigel Bach. The movie follows Tom Riley, an aspiring real estate investor who has spent all of his money on a house at a Sheriff's sale. Upon arriving at the house, Tom discovers that its previous owners have left many of their belongings behind, including a house-wide surveillance camera system. Tom uses his cell phone to ...

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