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Blair Witch (2016) – Audio Review (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 079)

This week hosts Boss Butcher and Michael Steinberg watched Blair Witch (2016) on the film’s opening night and discuss their experience watching this seminal sequel to the seminal classic film, The Blair Witch Project (1999). The cast includes a spoiler-free review of the film and special spoiler section for those who’ve already seen the movie and want to learn more.

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Found Footage Critic

  • Andrii Vintsevych

    The Blair Witch Project is my favorite movie, but I was really disappointed by this one. So I won’t be surprised if this film will not be a huge success.

    On a topic of “same movie”, I agree with Boss, it didn’t even cross my mind, that someone would think that this is almost same movies. Yes, those movies share locations and mythology, which is fine for a sequel. But characters and events are different.

    • This film was a hit or miss over everyone. Not much middle-ground. It was a while since we did the cast, but I think I was the proponent for saying it was the same film (Boss was fighting me on that. . . I could be wrong. . . we’ve reviewed so many films) 🙂

      • Andrii Vintsevych

        Can you tell why Boss Butcher suddenly disappeared from latest episodes of podcast?

        • He actually made an announcement several podcasts ago announcing his retirement from the cast for personal reasons. He may make appearances from time to time, but stepped down as co-host.

          We’re sorry to see him go.

          • Andrii Vintsevych

            Thanks for the info. I was struggling to find it.

  • Andrii Vintsevych

    First usage of drone in found footage movies that I’ve seen was in “The River”, but it was a short scene, so it was easy to miss.

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