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Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews

Welcome to our found footage film reviews page. This is the best place to find comprehensive, unbiased, objective reviews of found footage horror films. We take pride in providing honest and fair reviews of all found footage movies. Learn more about how we define, critique, and rate found footage films:

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Skew (2011) Review

"Skew” is a found footage horror film written and directed by Sevé Schelenz that follows three friends who embark on a road trip to attend a friend’s wedding, and discover that their video camera has supernatural properties – the video camera can predict someone’s death. The film opens with the three main protagonists Simon (Rob Scattergood), Eva (Amber Lewis) and Rich (Richard Harrison) embarking on their journey and Simon bringing along a new video camera he just purchased. Their trip starts well enough until about thirteen minutes into the film. Simon continues to record while the group ...[Read More]


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Rash (2014) Review

Found Footage Critic receives screeners for new found footage shorts created by filmmakers from around the world. The latest addition, Rash (2014), is a found footage film from France that is written and directed by first time director Merryl Roche. The found footage genre includes very few films created by female directors, and if we also consider found footage horror, that number diminishes even further. With that being said, director Merryl Roche created a very impressive addition to the found footage horror genre. Rash opens with the lead protagonist Alice (played by director Merryl Roc...[Read More]


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Alone in the Ghost House (2015) Review

“Alone in the Ghost House” is a found footage film written and directed by Henrique Couto that follows a group of paranormal investigators who travel the country to capture tangible proof of paranormal activity for their reality TV show. The film opens with the obligatory found footage trope, an onscreen message describing the origin of the footage about to play, indicating that the footage is from digital media cards recovered as evidence by the DeCoteau County Sheriff’s Department in 2014. As the found footage opens, we’re introduced to Lana (played by Joni Durian), the host of a ghost...[Read More]


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Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2017) Review

"Sorgoi Prakov, My European Dream" is a found-footage film directed by Rafael Cherkaski, following the model of a documentary in the process of being made. It concerns a television cameraman named Sorgoi Prakov (played by Cherkaski) from Sdorvie, a fictional small country on the border of Russia, who’s travelling through Europe with hand-held cameras to make a "tourist" travelogue for his TV station back home about the supposed "European Dream" (which is akin to the "American Dream"). The film is told entirely from the point of view of Sorgoi Prakov's cameras, one mounted on his head and an...[Read More]


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Encounters (2014) Review

“Encounters” is a found footage horror/sci-fi film out of Denmark that is written and directed by Anders Bukh. The film follows a film crew who travel to the forests of northern Sweden to shoot a horror movie, but their production takes a decidedly bad turn when they encounter an off worldly presence. Like so many found footage films before it, Encounters opens with an onscreen message describing the genesis of the footage we’re about to see: “On November 26, 2011, a film crew was reported missing in northern Sweden. After 10 days, the Swedish police called off the search. A year later, ...[Read More]


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Extinction: Jurassic Predators (2014) Review

"Extinction: Jurassic Predators" (aka Extinction) is a found footage film released in 2014, directed by Adam Spinks and written by Adam Spinks and Ben Loyd-Holmes. The film follows a documentary crew who fly to the Amazon rainforest in Peru to make a documentary on research performed by a scientist studying endangered species. The film starts with an onscreen message: “The footage you are about to see was recorded during the expedition of the Amazon. The footage has been assembled as per the camera timecode. The footage has not been altered and after extensive testing has been considere...[Read More]


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Shallow Creek Cult (2012) Review

“Shallow Creek Cult” is a found footage film released in 2009 and written and directed by King Jeff. Although the film is billed as an “Action, Horror, Thriller”, Shallow Creek Cult plays out as a very mild horror film infused with intentionally campy comedic elements – in this regard, the film succeeds on many levels. Before starting this review let us say that this film was rather difficult come by, after having searched many of the normal channels for streaming and hardcopy DVDs, we came up empty. By happenstance, the writer/director King Jeff took notice of our coverage of Shallow Creek Cu...[Read More]


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Crowsnest (2012) Review

“Crowsnest” is a found footage horror film directed by Brenton Spencer and written by John Sheppard. The film follows five friends who get lost during a weekend getaway and are attacked by a mysterious RV that tries to run them off the road. Crowsnest opens with Justin (Victor Zinck Jr.) who is having fun recording footage out his apartment window with a new camcorder he just received as a birthday gift from his girlfriend Brooke (Mittita Barber). Soon thereafter, two friends Amanda (Chelsey Reist) and Kirk (Aslam Husain) drop by Justin’s apartment to help celebrate his birthday and discuss...[Read More]


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House with 100 Eyes (2013) Review

“House with 100 Eyes” is a found footage horror film written by Jim Roof and directed by Jay Lee and Jim Roof. The film follows a disturbed couple who lure unsuspecting victims into their home to serve as unwitting stars for their self-produced snuff films. House with 100 Eyes ranks among the more gruesome titles within the found footage genre, but manages to infuse a healthy dose of humor in the process, adding much needed levity between the more violent moments in the film. In a genre filled with torture porn, House with 100 Eyes differentiates itself by dedicating a healthy amount of tim...[Read More]


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Hunting The Legend (2014) Review

"Hunting the Legend" is a found footage horror film released in 2014 and written and directed by Justin Steeley. The film follows the son of a deer hunter who is seeking revenge on the creature that killed his father five years earlier. The film opens with a montage of 911 calls and old footage of interviews with individuals describing Bigfoot sightings. Next an onscreen message displays, "For centuries, there have been reports of an alleged bipedal ape-like creature inhabiting the forests of our planet. . . There have been a few documented cases where a violent encounter with these mysteri...[Read More]

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