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Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews

Welcome to our found footage film reviews page. This is the best place to find comprehensive, unbiased, objective reviews of found footage horror films. We take pride in providing honest and fair reviews of all found footage movies. Learn more about how we define, critique, and rate found footage films:

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Nightmare Code (2014) Review

“Nightmare Code” is a sci-fi/horror found footage film written and directed by Mark Netter. The film is shot entirely from the perspective of an artificial intelligence system spying on its programmers via surveillance cameras in the corporate headquarters where the AI was created. The film opens with surveillance footage of the corporate headquarters of Opt-Dex, a small high-tech startup company involved in developing an artificial intelligence system. Through surveillance footage, we see the lead developer at Opt-Dex, Foster Cotton (played by Googy Gress), on a killing spree, slaughtering...[Read More]


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Europa Report (2013) Review

Europa Report is a sci-fi/thriller found footage film produced in 2013, directed by Sebastián Cordero, and written by Philip Gelatt. The film follows an international crew of astronauts on a privately funded mission to search for life on Europa, Jupiter’s fourth largest moon. Europa Report opens with the onscreen message “The Europa One Mission was the first attempt to send men and women into deep space.” What follows is a montage of crew video recordings from numerous fixed surveillance cameras on-board the Europa One spacecraft which include routine reports, conversations, and video diari...[Read More]


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REEL (2015) Review

REEL is a found footage horror film written and directed by the mysteriously named SlasherVictim666. Adding to the intrigue, REEL features “real life” found footage video critic Todd Smith, who you can find on YouTube (search for “Todd Smith Found Footage”). In REEL, Todd Smith is the subject of obsession for deranged stalker and anti-hero SlasherVictim666. This film is no walk in the park, as the horror elements and gore ramp up to levels that are reminiscent of the found footage films House with 100 Eyes (2013) and the “August Underground” series. REEL follows the parallel lives of the tw...[Read More]


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Classroom 6 (2014) Review

“Classroom 6” is a found footage horror film written and directed by Jonas Odenheimer, which follows a television crew that spends the night locked inside a school rumored to be haunted. The television crew’s overnight stay in the school is part of their investigation related to the disappearance of a professor and student several months earlier. The film opens with onscreen text that sets the stage for the rest of the story: “The Santa Maria College in Bakersfield, CA is said to be haunted by an unknown presence. On March 22nd, 2012, Professor Harrold Thomas and his student Deana Banks wen...[Read More]


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Bodom (2014) Review

Bodom is a found footage horror film released in 2014 and is written and directed by Gergö Elekes and József Gallai. The film has the distinction of being the first feature length found footage film produced in Hungary. Structured as a mockumentary, Bodom takes us through the historical record of a series of tragic murders that took place in Finland, 1960. The film centers around two media students at a Finland university that revisit the 1960 crime scene in 2009 as the subject of their graduate thesis. Bodom opens with the message “On June 4th, 1960, four teenagers went camping at Lake Bod...[Read More]


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2 Jennifer (2015) Review

“2 Jennifer” is a found footage horror/comedy written by James Cullen Bressack and Hunter Johnson and directed by Hunter Johnson. The film follows the character Spencer, a not-quite-sane director who is trying to film the sequel to To Jennifer (2013). The role of Spencer is played by actual director Hunter Johnson. If this is not confusing enough, 2 Jennifer also stars James Cullen Bressack and Jodi Barton, whose characters meet a deadly demise in the first film, but play themselves in the sequel. The obvious question that comes to mind is how can Bressack and Barton make reprisals in 2 ...[Read More]


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To Jennifer (2013) Review

“To Jennifer” is a found footage comedy/horror film written and directed by James Cullen Bressack that follows the exploits of three friends filming their adventure to track down and confront a girlfriend cheating on one of the group. This film is noteworthy in that the entire feature is captured using an iPhone 5. The film stars Chuck Pappas (Joey), Jessica Cameron (Jennifer), James Cullen Bressack (Steven), and Jody Barton (Martin). To Jennifer, follows Bressack’s controversial yet visceral found footage film Hate Crimes (2012). Bressack’s latest creation has a decidedly lighter tone than...[Read More]


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Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2015) Review

“Be My Cat: A Film for Anne” is a horror/thriller written and directed by Adrian Tofei and is the first found footage film to come out of Romania, a distinction that this film upholds beautifully. Be My Cat demonstrates that to be successful, a found footage film doesn’t need to be relegated to a shaky cam in the dark recesses of an abandoned building while being chased by a monster, ghost, or chainsaw wielding psychopath (pick your choice). This film shines in the light of day and succeeds by telling an interesting story with great acting and perfect pacing. Not only did Adrian Tofei write an...[Read More]


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Wolf House (2016) Review

“Wolf House” is a Found Footage horror/comedy film written by Ken Cosentino and Elizabeth Houlihan and directed by Matt D. Lord. With a budget of only $5,000 and a runtime of 70 minutes, “Wolf House” pulls off a near flawless found footage style execution, doesn’t take itself too seriously, has tons of fun, and most importantly, has lots and lots of monsters! “Wolf House” opens with a mockumentary style dialog, “Three years ago, I didn’t believe in monsters. They were just stories. Make-believe to scare kids. . . Watch the tapes. Decide for yourself.” This introduction sets the stage for t...[Read More]


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Lilin’s Brood (2015) Review

“Lilin’s Brood” is a found footage film, written and directed by Artii Smith and P.W. Simon, that follows a news team trying to determine the whereabouts of a number of missing men, all of whom have a history of visiting a brothel rumored to be engaged in the illegal harvesting and sale of human organs. The film opens with a series of interviews of women whose loved ones are missing. Each interview provides some breadcrumbs of evidence leading the news team to focus on the brothel. The news team starts their adventure in a high-tech RV equipped with a myriad of surveillance equipment, compu...[Read More]

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