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The Unknown (2000)

Five young field-biologists are sent to northern Sweden to investigate effects of a large forest fire. However, what was thought to be some weeks ...[Read More]


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Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2017) Review

"Sorgoi Prakov, My European Dream" is a found-footage film directed by Rafael Cherkaski, following the model of a documentary in the process of be...[Read More]

Camera Phone (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

Camera Phone (2012) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Camera Phone (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror. On M...[Read More]

Camera Phone (2012)

On March 20, 2010 there was a party at a building in Orange County. That night, there was a 911 call that has been filed as 'unknown' and the case...[Read More]

Encounters (2014) – Audio Review (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 056)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/foundfootagefiles/fff056.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Sponsored by Found Footage Files Special thanks to ...[Read More]

Haunted (2013) – Found Footage Trailer

Haunted (2013) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Haunted (2013) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Evil awaits a ...[Read More]

Haunted (2013)

Evil awaits a TV crew filming a paranormal investigation to capture evidence proving we are not alone.

Whiskey Hollow (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

Whiskey Hollow (2012) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Whiskey Hollow (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror. ...[Read More]

Whiskey Hollow (2012)

A group of seven teens lead by Steve Cedars set out to explore and film the legends of Whiskey Hollow Road in a small town in Central New York. Ar...[Read More]

The Borneo Incident (2011) – Found Footage Trailer

The Borneo Incident (2011) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis The Borneo Incident (2011) is a found footage film and found footag...[Read More]

The Borneo Incident (2012)

Five young fun loving travelers are documenting their travels from New York to Malaysia on the journey of a lifetime exploring many of the wonderf...[Read More]

Hombre y Tierra (2011) – Found Footage Trailer

Hombre y Tierra (2011) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Hombre y Tierra (2011) is a found footage film and found footage horror...[Read More]

Hombre y Tierra (2011)

Mauro Bosque was an adventurer, a survivalist, but most of all, he was a dreamer. Mauro spent his days exploring some of the most dangerous places...[Read More]

Apparition of Evil (2014) – Found Footage Trailer

Apparition of Evil (2014) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Apparition of Evil (2014) is a found footage film and found footage ...[Read More]

Apparition of Evil (2014)

Chilling paranormal portmanteau following a researcher who stumbles across a collection of disturbing video evidence she has obtained from a myste...[Read More]

The Malibu Tapes (2014)

In the summer of 2012, four Malibu teenagers disappeared without a trace. This documentary narrative combines news footage, interviews and eye wit...[Read More]

Encounters (2014) – Interview with Director Anders Bukh

Found Footage Critic recently had the privilege of reviewing a pre-release screener of the science fiction horror found footage film Encounters (2...[Read More]

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