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The Diary Of A Psycho (2017)

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The Diary of a Psycho: New Marathi Found Footage Web Series from India

The found footage genre is a global phenomenon that has spread throughout the world in the form of feature films, shorts, and web series. The country of India has generated a fair number of found footage feature films, including the popular 6-5=2 (2013), remake 6-5=2 (2014), and ?: A Question Mark (2012). Now India proudly enters the world of found footage web series with the introduction of The Diary of a Psycho (2017)the first such series filmed in the language of Marathi.

The Diary of a Psycho is a found footage web series and crime, thriller, suspense, musical, where a psychopath films his own personal video diary using a video camera.

This series is filmed in the city of Pune, India and is written and directed by Nitin Shakuntala Dhanraj Wagh, who also also stars in the series. The background score and music is composed by Vishal Wakchaure. While the spoken language is Marathi, each episode will include English subtitles. The series will include a total of seven episodes.

Watch The Diary of a Psycho (2017) here

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