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The Stuart House Recordings (2017) – Found Footage Trailer

In 2015 a paranormal investigation team, The Paranormal Searchers, investigated Stuart House in Venice, Louisiana. They went in search of proof of the supernatural.¬†In June 7th, 2015, authorities made a statement, “A number of individuals have been reported missing in the Chawee Bayou at the Stuart House estate. The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff has cordoned off the area and has initiated a search of the house and the surround swamps. The individuals were reportedly performing a paranormal investigation.”

The Stuart House Recordings (2017) РFound Footage Trailer

  • The Stuart House Recordings (2017) is a found footage film and found footage horror/paranormal.

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Found Footage Critic

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    This movie is suppose to use real footage of an investigation. However, according to other sources, a paranormal investigation team went missing in 2009 not 2015 then another website stated it was 2016. Plus it was suppose to come out in 2012 but didn’t. So I am going to treat like the Blair Witch Project. Just a another movie.

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