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The Thin Man (2015)

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The Thin Man (2015)

A struggling You Tuber Bayden Redshaw and his brother Dylan John Redshaw and best friend Jordan Stopforth decide to do a YouTube video about a new urban legend that went viral in 2010, they decide to summon this urban legend in a ritual after seeing a video of another You Tuber doing it and then mysteriously going missing, thinking it's fake they go ahead and summon The Thin Man, little did they know this very well could be their final video.

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  • LifeJunkieRaj

    I can’t find this movie anywhere? Any suggestions on where to rent, buy it or download would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • The Thin Man isn’t widely distributed yet. It looks like the filmmaker struck a distribution deal with Parade Deck Films in January. Hopefully this title will make it’s way to (virtual and physical) shelves soon.

    • My suspicions are validated. I just chatted with the filmmaker who said they entered into a distribution deal in January, so the film is in a holding pattern, Release date is still TBD.

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