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User Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews Submitted by our Readers

Read found footage film reviews submitted by dedicated found footage film fans. If you love found footage films or found footage horror, please submit a review! (Select the “Write A Review” link on the film of your choice)

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Steelmanville Road: A Bad Ben Prequel (2017) – User Review

The first “Bad Bed” along with the 2 other found footage feature-length films & 2 feature-length Films is a huge entourage.  None of these movies really mak...[Read More]


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Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2015) – User Review

I’m glad I’ve watched this movie, ’cause it’s one of the best found footage movies, in my opinion. I have to say I’m not a big fan...[Read More]


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The Last Witch (2017) – User Review

“The Last Witch” as far as plot goes, gives a definite 10.  At the beginning the viewers are immediately brought into the story of the witch who got away.  As t...[Read More]


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The Plan (2017) – User Review

So, this film caught my attention immediately as it has all the genre/sub-genre’s I love the most; curse, evil spirit, paranormal, local legends and more.  Grea...[Read More]


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Shallow Creek (2012) – User Review

This is one of the most bizarre found footage movies I’ve ever seen. In a way it defies reviewing; it’s like “The Room” of found footage...[Read More]


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Hollow (2011) – User Review

So I have never written a review on this site, but after seeing this film I wanted to see if anyone had reviewed it.   I went into this movie with zero, da...[Read More]


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Nightfall (2011) – User Review

I was preparing my taxes while watching this movie and I have to admit my taxes were more enjoyable than the movie. The actors struggled mightily to put out a p...[Read More]


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Leaving D.C. (2012) – User Review

I love this film. The premise was realistic and the filming was justified and natural, the character was original and tremendously well acted, and the pacing wa...[Read More]


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The Possession of Michael King (2014) – User Review

“The Possession of Michael King” is one of the best demonic possession films in the found footage style. The premise of the protagonist committing h...[Read More]


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Black Eyed Children: Let Me In (2015) – User Review

The black eyed children’s “Let me in” mockumentary should be titled LET ME OUT! I’m casually acquainted with the BEK phenomenon due to o...[Read More]

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