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User Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews Submitted by our Readers

Read found footage film reviews submitted by dedicated found footage film fans. If you love found footage films or found footage horror, please submit a review! (Select the “Write A Review” link on the film of your choice)

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Site Rating

Garrett Hays, I’m so sorry.

I came to this film hoping for a good tension filled downwards spiral of events that plunge our unwary characters into a nightmare of shaky footage and scares. ...[Read More]


Site Rating

Bad Ben (2016) – This has to Be A Joke

This literally has to be a joke. My friends and I got together to watch this because we thought the trailer was hilariously bad. It was so bad. A guy obviously ...[Read More]


Site Rating

The Blackwell Ghost (2017) – A Mindnumbingly AWFUL Film. I want my 58 minutes back!!!

My summation of this film is that you washed out in “California” which I am sure means somewhere OTHER than Hollywood, you moved back to Kentucky be...[Read More]


Site Rating

Cloverfield – THE Found Footage

Ok, ok. Maybe the title I used is a little bit pretentious. I mean, there are other awesome found footages. But let me use this title with this MASTERPIECE. I w...[Read More]


Site Rating

Operation Avalanche (2016) – The Creative Way of Found-Footage

I really love these guys. I already loved them in “The Dirties” and I love them also here. Especially Matt Johnson, the protagonist and the director...[Read More]


Site Rating

The Monster Project (2017) – It’s Going to be a Bumpy Night

This is one of the most original found footage movies this viewer has seen. I disagree with the site review’s criticisms of the film’s purity. The f...[Read More]


Site Rating

The Visit (2015) – How NOT To Do Found Footage

I’m very disappointed by this one. I knew it was one of the most famous found-footage movies in recent years (even if fame is hardly ever a good quality f...[Read More]


Site Rating

Phoenix Forgotten (2017) – A True Masterpiece!

Finally I’ve found a totally satisfactory found footage film! I don’t get at all the user ratings on this one, ’cause it is almost perfect fou...[Read More]


Site Rating

Alien Abduction (2014) – Partly Really Enjoyable, Partly Annoying

I started watching this movie not knowing what to expect: the site rating is really high, while the users rate it differently. I think that the truth is in betw...[Read More]


Site Rating

Exists (2014) – Overedited and Disappointing

I’m really disappointed with this found footage film. I’ve seen good rates and was hoping to see something good, but I did not enjoy it very much...[Read More]

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