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Found Footage Critic is Accepting Applications for Volunteer Writers!


FFC is now accepting applications for volunteer* staff writers!

Do you have a passion for found footage films? Are you a good writer? Would you like to be a contributing member of the Found Footage Critic team and have your written work shared among the horror community? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then here’s what we have to offer:

  • Publish your work on a globally recognized found footage film website and online database
  • Become a contributing member of the horror film fan community
  • If you are an aspiring writer, gain valuable experience publishing online content and bolster your résumé
  • Review found footage film screeners**

* Positions for staff writers at Found Footage Critic are volunteer only and do not include any monetary compensation
** Access to screeners is extremely limited and will be restricted to select reviewers on a film-by-film basis. Screener availability is limited to scheduled film release dates and is contingent upon obtaining prior approval from each film director/producer for internal distribution among multiple staff members in our organization


  • Proven above-average writing skills
  • Passion for found footage horror films
  • Willingness and comfort level contacting directors/writers via Twitter/Facebook/email to obtain information about new films or existing films
  • Commitment to provide written content on a regular/semi-regular basis


Responsibilities will include one or more of the following and will be determined by the skills, experience level, and commitment of each staff writer:

  • Writing staff found footage film reviews
  • Identifying and writing news/articles about existing found footage films
  • Identifying and writing news/articles about upcoming found footage films
  • Contributing to our found footage database: Identifying incorrect or missing values in our film database (e.g. camera type, filming reason, etc.)
  • Writing interviews with found footage film writers/directors based on the response of written questionnaires
  • Writing articles based on specific assignments

How to Submit your Application

Please provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Location (Country/City)
  • Email Address
  • Why are you interested in writing for Found Footage Critic
  • Describe your expected commitment in terms of time availability to provide new content
  • List any online or print publications you previously wrote for
  • Provide writing samples (links to existing publications or paste sample in message body)

Submit your application here: Contact Us

Submission Notes:

  • If you want to provide email attachments or feel the “Contact Us” form is not suited to your submission, please send a direct email here: javalawyer@gmail.com
  • If you have not heard from us in a few days, feel free to direct message us on Twitter using @FoundFootageFan to validate receipt of your application

Found Footage Critic

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