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C.A.M. (2013)

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C.A.M. (2013)

Disease control discover that food at a local meat processing plant has been contaminated by a rare parasite. Trainee tactical police are sent in to evacuate the workers with a civilian camera crew to film the operation. All is not what it appears, for what they discover could have disastrous repercussions on a world wide scale. Based on actual footage from Military and Police operations that took place last October.

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    A marvelous film!

  • I had a chance to chat with Patty on Twitter. The film is not yet released for public viewing. She’s going to put me in touch with the director to get the details on distribution and availability.

  • Patty Rayfield

    Hi All, its Patty from the film C.A.M, It was great fun making this film, the director is going to the prestigious Berlin Film Festival in a couple of days and he is going to be presenting his latest Films there.

    • gemini

      Cant find it.. Would love to see it!!!!

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