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Leaving D.C. (2012)

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Leaving D.C. (2012)

After 20 years of living in Washington, D.C., Mark Klein seeks much-needed solace by moving to the remote wilds of West Virginia. To ease his loneliness, he sends regular video updates to members of his OCD-support group back in the city. But Mark gradually realizes that despite his new, isolated setting, he may not be alone. From the endless woods surrounding his home, something else is watching.

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  • Alejandro Padilla

    Good movie, is amazing how a single person can carry a film on, the big question is what happened at the end?

  • krisak

    What an oddly riveting film. And it’s all the more impressive since Criss, for the most part, is entirely alone on camera. He’s a very good actor, and the character he inhabits is both likable and sympathetic. (Who knew that audio waveforms could be so compelling?)

  • Andrii Vintsevych

    This one is definitely one of the better ones.

  • Bradley Marshall

    Just watched the movie and really enjoyed it! I wanted more, what do you think of the ending? (post spoiler tags to warn people before they read it, lol)

    • I personally haven’t seen this film yet. The director reached out to me a few days ago and we added the film to our database. Looking forward to watching it.

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