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The Blair Witch Project

909 Experiment (2000) Review

"909 Experiment" is a found footage paranormal horror film and mockumentary written and directed by Wayne A. Smith. The film follows two graduate students who are paid $300 to spend 72 hours in a haunted house and record any paranormal activity as part of an ongoing research study. The details behind the making and production of 909 Experiment are shrouded in as much mystery as the subject matt...

Exists (2014) Review

"Exists" is a found footage horror film directed by Eduardo Sánchez and written by Jamie Nash. The film follows a group of friends who spend a weekend in a cabin in the remote Texas woods to party and film extreme-biking—until they have a run-in with Bigfoot. Eduardo Sánchez and Jamie Nash are no strangers to the found footage genre. Eduardo Sánchez is perhaps best known as the co-creator or Th...

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