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Raw Films

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Raw Series

The Raw series are a collection of found footage films from Germany. The series was created and directed by Marcel Walz and follows investigations into the legend of Grete Müller and a haunted forest.

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Raw 2: Das Tagebuch Der Grete Müller (2013)

Ivana, the only survivor of the happenings within the woods years ago, is contacted by a TV production company to shoot her version of the story about the legend of Grete Müller.

Raw 3: Die Offenbarung Der Grete Müller (2015)

Linda is searching for her sister Ivana. Together with her boyfriend Tom she returns to the forest where the nightmare for her sister and many more people started.

Raw: Der Fluch der Grete Müller (2013)

A group of teenagers want to shoot a documentary about the legend of Grete Müller. They visit the forest which is supposed to be haunted.

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