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The Phoenix Tapes ’97 (2016)

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The Phoenix Tapes ’97 (2016)

In 1997, four campers went missing during the Phoenix Lights incident and their bodies were never found. The Phoenix Tapes 97 is comprised of their final footage. This film is dedicated to the lives lost during the events displayed. To their families and friends and to the authorities who continue to search for answers. ​ The tapes were found by Dustin Miller's father two years after Dustin was mysteriously shot and killed at a traffic stop in Texas. Peter Miller believes his son was acting as a whistleblower and had smuggled the tapes from his classified government agency in an effort to expose the truth as to what really happened to the four missing campers seen in the tapes. ​ After searching every newspaper and media publication around Phoenix during that time period, we only found one initial announcement that four campers were reported missing, as well as a formal police report folder with local PD but the folder had no files inside.

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  • Deborah McIntyre

    It’s not real. How do I know this? Amazon Prime has a documentary called, “The Blackwell Ghost.” The maker of that documentary is in this film. How can someone have gone missing in 1997 and do a ghost documentary in 2016? lol

  • Chyanne Shirley

    if this is real, how come they don’t give us the names of the missing men? how can anyone help find them if we don’t even know who they are and where they lived? bogus bullshit
    Also, the scenery in the ad is from far northern Arizona (Monument Valley) NOT anywhere near Phoenix!!! get it right you guys. . .

    • This is a micro-budget found footage film. The filmmakers did a decent job for what they set out to achieve. On a limited budget, often many compromises have to be made.

      • Chyanne Shirley

        how come no names of the missing? we can excuse using stock photos for the ads, but can’t locate victims without ID’s. . .

        • Annie Mous

          It is not supposed to be real, you fucking moron.

        • kharaa

          …..welcome to found footage movies.. >_>;

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