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Blackwood Evil (2000)

On December 31, 1999, four people entered a house located in the Blacklands of Texas to investigate supposed supernatural activity. They were never seen alive again. Two months later a video tape labeled with only the title "Blackwood Evil" was delivered to WBWE television in Sunrise, Texas. It chronicles the last hours in the lives of the four investigators as unseen demons take them one by one.

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  • Today I found that film on a VHS in the library of an old friend that was giving rare stuff away in low price. I got that VHS tape for free because according to him “It is not worth watching it”.
    I thought inside me: “Really mate? This film cannot be found anywhere online”.
    It is a rare piece that should be distributed to the world so perhaps I am going to upload it online somewhere.

    • Please don’t pirate the film. This is Richard Catt’s work and shouldn’t be distributed without his consent (regardless if there are copies available or not. I can try tracking him down to see if he can make the film available.

    • Jo Lynds

      I have been looking for this movie for months! If I could purchase it somewhere then I would but the best I have found are long defunct websites.

      • Mail me here tsakalov@yahoo.com and I will send you the link on YouTube. It’s a private video and only those who have the link can view it.

        • Jo Lynds

          I sent you an email, let me know if you haven’t received it

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