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Mr Biffo’s Found Footage (2017)

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Mr Biffo’s Found Footage (2017)

Found footage series of utter nonsense and lunacy from Mr Biffo, creator of the legendary teletext video game magazine Digitiser. Trawl through Biffo's collection of never-before-seen found footage - a surreal, trippy, journey into pop culture history. Meet characters like Goujon John, Ghee-Lord, DJ Trendy Peanut, Puckles The Cuckold - and more.

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  • Glyn Heaviside

    Mr Biffo’s Found Footage is a passion project by one of the undiscovered greats of UK comedy and sci-fi/horror. Known and loved by many people from his days writing the highly successful and subversive Digitiser for Teletext between 1993 and 2003, this marks a return to the classic style that brought him to cult status. Realised through crowd funding, with the backing of a dedicated fan-base, has allowed him to bring to life a vision that wholly unique, surreal, fascinating and grotesque. Run of the mill this is not, challenge your perceptions and preconceptions of what found footage can be.

    • Although we haven’t reviewed the series, I will say unequivocally that the several episodes I watched had my head spinning (in a good way).

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