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The Blackwell Ghost (2017)

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The Blackwell Ghost (2017)

Found footage film and mockumentary where a filmmaker tries to prove that ghosts are real but soon regrets his intentions after he finds himself being terrorized in a haunted house by a ghost with a dark past. The footage contains ghost activity captured on camera.

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  • Jim Kipila

    Where can I watch this??

  • Donald Crays

    You guys call it a mockumentary in 1st sentence…then call it an authentic documentary in the last…w/out explanations of your description, so which is it?

    • Thanks for pointing out the contradiction. We leverage the filmmaker’s description and add to it. Fixed!

      • Donald Crays

        Sorry if came across as a troll…been tryin2 figure out authenticity since watching “film” earlier 2day…felt real while watching it, but my skeptical side is kicking in…doc or movie? Idk, they got me. Want2 believe but hate to be fooled! Thx.

        • No worries. You were 100% correct, we missed that and encourage corrections.

          “Want2 believe but hate to be fooled!” — that’s the point of found footage films.

  • Epicurious

    I watched it this weekend and enjoyed it. There are some really creepy moments.

  • Hunter

    I watched this movie this past weekend and found it very enjoyable. I don’t know whether the events depicted are real or not but it certainly held my attention. If it’s real, then wow!….what an experience it must’ve been spending several days in that place. If it’s fake…you got me! Good on you. Either way it was a fun watch and well done.

  • Garrett Johnson

    Solid documentary-style short film. While it doesn’t really offer anything new to the genre, it is still interesting.

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