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Unknown Project (2013)

Three documentary makers, are heading home from Burning Man in their RV and decide to pull off into the desert to camp for the night. Things get creepy. With their 5 RV cams running 24/7, we see everything that happens...even things they don't see.

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  • terrybr

    I want to see this movie but can’t find it anywhere to buy it. Anyone got any suggestions?

    • Stokanator

      I’ve seriously wanted to see this movie since they released the first trailer back in 2013-2014 and have continued to check on it from time to time with absolutely no success. In fact at this point im not even sure if a finished copy even exists! I’d love to see the movie but then when I go through the reason to why any information tied to the movie is non existent, I’ve got to come to the conclusion there’s a damn good reason for it! It’s either so bad that nobody who has there names tied to it want it to see the light of day, or they ran out of money and never finished recording it.

      • I believe the film is complete as IMBD has the feature labeled as having been screened. We went so far as to reach out to members of the production crew multiple times over the past year, but no response yet.

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