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Robbie Banfitch


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File VL-624 (2023)

Corrupted footage salvaged from Robbie Zagorac's camera. Property of the Mojave Police Department.


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Card Zero (2023)

Before disappearing in the Mojave Desert, Robbie Zagorac captured love, life and heartbreak in a video diary.


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Ghost Patrol (2010)

"Ghost Patrol" follows a team of professionals as they investigate paranormal phenomena in an attempt to unearth the mysteries of the universe.


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Tinsman Road (2022)

A young man searches for the body of his sister years after her tragic disappearance.


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The Outwaters (2022)

Four travelers encounter menacing phenomena while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.


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Game Camera (2021)

Harrowing tale of four hunters who, deep in the wilderness, find evidence that at least two mutant creatures are on the loose, stalking hunters. While...[Read More]

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