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Posted Spirit Image: Black Chapter (2016)

Full of amazing treasured images by masked collectors obtained independently from a completely different route from the existing similar titles!


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Real Record: Spirit Calling (2007)

Recorded videos that are said to be posted by the general public. Segments include; "Dolls", "Touge", "Shrine", "Night view", "Snowy road", "Armored h...[Read More]


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Real Record! Psychic Spot (2011)

A team of investigators search for psychic phenomena throughout Japan.


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Real Record! Cursed Urban Legend Grudge City of Showa (2007)

A collection of extreme horror and real drama, reproduced with interviews and photographic evidence. Highlights the movies based on urban legends that...[Read More]


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Document Super Scary Story: Urban Legend (2008)

The Documentary Horror Tours departs from a certain Inari shrine in Kawasaki City, the origin of the fear that Yumeaki Hirayama experienced in his chi...[Read More]


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Sisterhood (2019)

Sisterhood portrays a current reality in Japan, showing the vision and lives of different people, such as a nude model, a music artist, a student and ...[Read More]


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It Really Was! Psychic Experiment Video (2013)

Four male and female friends gathered at an abandoned house to play Kokuri-san.


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Horror Psychic Spot Women’s Independent Test (2009)

The screams of the idols are echoed by the extremely unscrupulous actions that should never be done, including the manager of the office.


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Crazy Spirit Video Nozokiana (2016)

A collection of psychic images that introduces images with problems that cannot be released to the world. “Hit-and-run,” in which the camera captured ...[Read More]


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Cursed Urban Legend (2012)

The first psychic documentary that approaches the truth of terror that transcends many urban legends handed down in the city. What is the grief of the...[Read More]


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SHOOT X: Spirit Game (2018)

A strange game was being played in the suburbs of Kanto. Within the game, each team of three people shoots around a spirit spot with a video camera, i...[Read More]


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Female College Student Mystery Club (2012)

The video circle of S Women’s University was covering a bizarre incident. However, the reporter suddenly disappeared, and only the tape remained.


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Unknown 2: Thorough Pursuit of Psychic Images (2017)

The 2nd volume of horror video collection with a completely new approach! A mysterious phenomenon recorded in psychic images... In order to find out t...[Read More]


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Unknown (2017)

A collection of horror images that illuminates the darkness lurking in psychic phenomena with a new approach. After taking a video of a person who liv...[Read More]


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Cursed Land Vol.2: The Earthbound Feeling that Caught Me and Won’t Let Go (2014)

Sometimes I feel someone’s presence in a place where no one is. I try to sharpen this feeling that I blame on my mind and try to contact the “ground-b...[Read More]


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Cursed Land Vol.1: The Earthbound Feeling that Caught Me and Won’t Let Go (2014)

It is said that even if someone disappears, is abandoned, or is forgotten, people’s feelings remain in the land, in the place, in the building. The ru...[Read More]


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Mysterious Collector – Utsuro Shikataro (2017)

From authors, talents, actresses, occult researchers to full-time ghost storytellers! A full-fledged ghost story series featuring the full range of gh...[Read More]


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Psychic Record I Experienced (2015)

Thorough coverage of victims who have been obsessed with grudges and ghosts.


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Fake Documentary Q (2021)

Strange things are happening in present day Japan. Fake Documentary "Q" blends found footage and alternate reality premises to present a disturbing vi...[Read More]

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