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Paranoiac (2015)

Miki Takamura is a romance novelist, but she has recently been suffering from depression and has been unable to write novels. One day, her editor, Hay...[Read More]


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Live Survival (2023)

After escaping a homeless shelter infested with flesh eating zombies both cops discover the whole world is now in chaos. They team up with more surviv...[Read More]


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The Glenarma Tapes (2023)

In spring 2020, five art students and two lecturers went missing in a remote forest in Ireland. What happened to them has remained unknown - until now...[Read More]


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The Washington County Disappearances (2022)

When his fiancée disappears during the 2020 pandemic, a recently sacked factory worker documents his search that leads him to a clever serial killer.


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Life of Belle (2023)

On July 18th, 2018 Annabelle Starnes went missing. What was found in the home would shock this small town of South Carolina.


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Dead Spirit Video: Forbidden Place (2016)

Includes a total of 10 posted psychic videos such as "Midnight mountain road", "The shadow behind", "Late-night office", "Fireworks display" and "Kitc...[Read More]


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MyNameIsSam (2020)

After taking a strange Polaroid photo with a camera he found, Sam creates a YouTube channel to discuss what he has captured on film as well figuring o...[Read More]


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The One Above All (2017)

The One Above All is a Portuguese web-series that tells the story of a group of teens who start a channel on YouTube about skating and exploring aband...[Read More]


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Posted Spirit Image: Green Chapter (2016)

Death comes to what you see! What is the identity of the mysterious substance? Eight horror video collections!


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Internet Urban Legend (2014)

A collection of 11 various urban legends from the internet.


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Random Shooting in L.A. (2002)

The seamy side of Los Angeles is revealed through the lens of a stolen video camera as it passes through a succession of owners.


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Republique: The Interactive (2019)

Follow two young YouTubers lost in the entrails of the Paris metro. Discover how two young lawyers caught in the crossfire save an injured man’s life....[Read More]


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End Pieces (2022)

Physics college student James is struggling mentally after being bullied throughout high school. His mind is made up and sees no other way out. He mak...[Read More]


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A Man Vanishes (1967)

Plastics salesman Oshima disappeared without a word to anyone, and has been missing for two years. Shohei Imamura and his crew follow Oshima's fiancé ...[Read More]


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Scary Things (2021)

When film class-friend Edvin dies from cancer, 18-year-old Jonas finds a message on Facebook dating back one month ago, telling him that Edvin's house...[Read More]


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Tontine (TBD)

In June, 2007, a new reality show called 'Tontine' launched. Fifteen contestants were chosen and sent to a desert island in the Fiji’s for a 10 millio...[Read More]


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100 Ghost Stories (2004)

One hundred stories... It is said that if you tell a hundred scary stories in one night, terrible things will happen. Is this legend true?


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Ghost Divers (TBD)

When a marine research vessel explores unusual shark activity in the Gulf of Mexico, they discover the horrifying truth behind an island legend. In t...[Read More]


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Phénomènes Inexplicables: Cold Tapes (2020)

April 2019, Grenoble, France. Three friends are victims of paranormal phenomena following the viewing of several videos within a mysterious website. T...[Read More]

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