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Video Chat


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Rakshasa Tantra (2023)

A group of friends who come online on a video call to catch up and chat with each other. Soon they come across dangerous content on the dark web.


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Big Dick Energy (2022)

Join Vladimir, a Russian former KGB agent, as he investigates what Big Dick Energy really means.


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Plague of the Dead (2021)

Survivors of a global pandemic document their attempts to fight a roving band of zombies.


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Web Therapy (2008)

Dr. Fiona Wallice is sick of hearing about "dreams" and "feelings". She then decides that 3 minutes over web cam is better than 50 minutes of patients...[Read More]


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Which One You Choose (2022)

Li Chih-cheng, a C-list Taiwanese actor, is hand-picked by a renowned Chinese director to star in a project during the pandemic. On his last day of se...[Read More]


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The Corona Dialogues (2020)

A timely dramatic comedy played entirely in video-conferencing during the pandemic.


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Croatian Files (2013)

Like a joke, Carlos and Dani upload a video to youtube, about two erasmus guys apparently drunk, who lived in the same dormitory in Croatia, and who l...[Read More]


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Death to 2021 (2021)

This comedic retrospective mixes archival footage and scripted sketches as it revisits all the dread and occasional delight that 2021 had to offer.


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Cursed Days (2020)

The brave new world of remoteness has created a new creature, the man of the era of self-isolation, and has given rise to amazing stories that would h...[Read More]


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Video Letter (1983)

This remarkable compilation follows an exchange of video letters that took place between Shuji Terayama and Shuntaro Tanikawa in the months immediatel...[Read More]


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#SittingAtHome (2020)

While the whole world is singing songs from the balconies and having parties by video link, Gennady Borisovich, the owner of a chain of hardware store...[Read More]


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Gameboys (2020)

Cairo is raring for a rematch after his sudden defeat in a popular mobile game. But his opponent Gavreel wants something in return.


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DeCameraOn (2020)

Based on Boccaccio's 14th century 'Decameron', set during the black death in Florence, Decameraon sees individuals in Covid 19 lock-down telling stori...[Read More]


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Lockdown (2020)

Lockdown is a comic thriller about living in quarantine. The Netherlands is hit hard by the corona crisis. This goes for Theater Group Maastricht as w...[Read More]


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Coastal Elites (2020)

Five characters make confessions under quarantine that touch on their lives during the 2020 pandemic and living in a world of deeply divided politics.


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The Agency (2022)

The Agency is an episodic mockumentary following an incredibly quirky cast of creative characters working inside of a full-service marketing agency. F...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 4 (2016)

The fourth collection of psychic videos that collect broadcast-banned videos. There is a figure of a spirit in the picture of Eisa at the stage greeti...[Read More]


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Don’t Log Off (2021)

When the birthday girl suddenly goes missing during her surprise birthday Zoom, it's up to her handful of close friends to figure out how and why she ...[Read More]


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Found Footage: The Series (2022)

Features eight eerie tales of the sinister and supernatural that reside just a step beyond reality, including: Homesteaders, Ding Dong, Progress, Endg...[Read More]


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Howdy Neighbor! (2023)

When former child actor, Benjamin Caldwell, is recognized by his new neighbor, the lines between friend and fan are blurred, turning his number one fa...[Read More]

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