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Banned VTR! Fear Psychic Post (2013)

There was a post that something was reflected on the monitor that disappeared! After looking it up, other people say they've seen something similar. T...[Read More]


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The Market Street 6 (2011)

The Market Street 6 chronicles the final hours of six people who become stranded when the subway they are riding supposedly breaks down. Forced to dep...[Read More]


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Surreal Broadcast (2020)

A collection of forgotten tapes and documents about a small town in Maine.


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Compound 87 (2012)

Follows a group of scientists and explorers investigating an unknown compound.


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Amityville Ride-Share (2023)

In the town of Amityville, in an abandoned house, a pile of VHS tapes have been found. The Amityville Police Department is asking for your help. They ...[Read More]


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They Come For you At Night (2013)

The Closer you get to the truth the stronger the walls become.


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Anomaly (2023)

Anomaly is a horror mini series, based on the lovecraftian lore.


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The Awnik (2023)

A young filmmaker goes into the woods to document his film project. However, he gets lost and he soon realizes that there is something watching him.


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The Scooby-Doo Project (1999)

The Scooby-Doo Project is a 1999 live-action/animated hybrid comedy Halloween television special satirising The Blair Witch Project and the Scooby-Doo...[Read More]


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Anna Ishibashi: The Missing Actress (2012)

A psychic image appears on camera during a man's marriage proposal.


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Simokita 2014 (2017)

Spin-off short story of the “Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi!” series.


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Kudo’s Secret (2012)

Spin-off short story of the Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi!” series, which is set after “Kowa Too!” FILE-01.


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Freaky Shot Phase 4 (2016)

The fourth shocking psychic documentary by the staff of “Curse Video”! A number of spirits and strange phenomena that reflect such a trend as if they ...[Read More]


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Freaky Shot Phase 1 (2015)

A completely new psychic documentary by the staff of “Curse Video”. A number of spirits and strange phenomena that reflect such a trend as if they wer...[Read More]


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A kool park (2022)

An anonymous person behind a camera films as he stays in a strange park, capturing strange things on video.


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Mean Spirited (2022)

Andy, an up-and-coming vlogger who attempts to reconnect with his estranged friend, Bryce. But, this all starts to fall apart while a demonic presence...[Read More]


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The Devil’s Tuning (2018)

In this docufiction about a unique guitar technique, it isn't always clear if myths are being investigated or created.


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Before Night Falls (2022)

A reporter and his cameraman investigate Nina, a young woman who is in pasung because she has a mental disorder that turns out to be something mystica...[Read More]


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Shedim (2020)

When the well-liked Sam family disappears, an old friend with a film crew documents a search that leads them to a shockingly sinister discovery.


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Do Not Watch (2023)

"Do Not Watch" is a decades-spanning mystery revolving around an unexplained phenomenon known as The Bunker Anomaly.

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