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Grudge Map 3 (2004)

Third and final installment to the “Grudge Map” series. The scream is fully visualized. A nationwide comprehensive version of Japan that includes all ...[Read More]

Grudge Map 2 (2004)

Curse! Distress! Missing! While frightened by the fear of vengeful spirits, he took a desperate shot. And what you see in the video is…! ?

Grudge Map (2004)

Visualization of the psychic book "Grudge Map".


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Horror House (2021)

The material was taken for a love reality program at a local station. There was no script in the program. Eight men and women were gathered. But there...[Read More]


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Unsolved Case Outflow Evidence Verification Record Vol.3 – Children Disappeared in Tunnel (2010)

The third in the series of "Unsolved Case Outflow Evidence Verification Record" (Relics) - that reveals the truth about unsolved cases. An underground...[Read More]


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Unsolved Case Outflow Evidence Verification Record Vol.2 – Cursed Elevator (2009)

Follow-up records taken by the missing person to persuade the police. The footage, which police seemed to have forgotten to hire as formal evidence, c...[Read More]


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Unsolved Case Outflow Evidence Verification Record Vol.1 – Relics (2009)

The first installment of the "Unsolved Case Spilled Evidence Verification Record "Relics" series that reveals the truth of unsolved cases. A group of ...[Read More]


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Do not download! ! Forbidden Curse App (2013)

A mobile app that is explosively popular. It seems that there are apps that are possessed by psychics and apps that are used for strange crimes. This ...[Read More]


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Report on Latent Narcotic Substances in the Brain: Drugless (1991)

A fake documentary disguised as an undercover report on a secret circle that teaches how to freely secrete the brain drug endorphins. At the end of th...[Read More]


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Safe Word (2022)

Misa is an underground idol and being filmed closely for a documentary. One day, an owner of BDSM club “H” perceives Misa’s potential and headhunts he...[Read More]


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Onmyoji 2: Demons (2002)

A wife's husband dies in a car accident, but the wife has doubts about his death because she knows their son cursed her husband right before the stran...[Read More]


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Onmyoji: Return of the Curse (2001)

This is a psychic documentary about Onmyoji, focusing on the mysterious true story of fear that occurs in this world of all-purpose science. Does a cu...[Read More]


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Mysterious! Unbelievable Shock! Approaching the mystery of the cursed sealed photo that kills people! (2013)

Approaching the cursed truth lurking behind the psychic photo! Shock report! There are many mysterious phenomena happening in our daily lives. The mom...[Read More]


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Video Letter (1983)

This remarkable compilation follows an exchange of video letters that took place between Shuji Terayama and Shuntaro Tanikawa in the months immediatel...[Read More]


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Suicide Net (2003)

The interview team, who went to talk to the mother of Mr. K, a high school girl who died in suicide, learns that she frequently wrote on suicide sites...[Read More]


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Peep ‘TV’ Show (2003)

In Tokyo, a Goth girl and an Internet voyeur connect in the post 9-11 world of surveillance and paranoia.


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Super!! Scary Psychic Video (2014)

A signal from a different world that is entering into a small gap in daily life, anniversaries and memories.


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video Movie (2014)

A collection of posts that dared to do a desperate interview. When the forbidden spirit video coverage team investigates the psychic images that arriv...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 5 (2016)

Following the previous work, Director Yamamoto's life against illness was also released nakedly, and a new interview team was formed in response to th...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 4 (2016)

The fourth collection of psychic videos that collect broadcast-banned videos. There is a figure of a spirit in the picture of Eisa at the stage greeti...[Read More]

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