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The Same Storm (2021)

Filmed using iPhones and laptops during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Same Storm is an intimate look into the lives of twenty-four char...[Read More]


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Ben and Lacy (2023)

After receiving a camera as a graduation gift, 18 year-old Ben decides to begin vlogging his life. This vlog captures him reconnecting and falling in ...[Read More]


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The Haunting in Rosemary Lane (2023)

A story of two men doing a documentary of a nearby woods called Rosemary Lane. And after they start to camp there to see whats going on. The demon Mar...[Read More]


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The Industry Did It (2020)

An aspiring actress from Houston vlogs her foray into Hollywood. Will she do anything to get the part, or will the part do anything to get her?


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Phantom Jesus: Crucify Reality (2020)

A man obsessed with filming the phantom in his apartment; a student documentary about a murder; a young woman, no longer a child, finds and films thos...[Read More]


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Scary Video: Limited Ban Lifted (2012)

Mysterious face of a contributor who called a woman and secretly filmed her service… A mysterious face appears in the video of a man who calls a woman...[Read More]


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Mysterious Collector Murakami Rock (2017)

Murakami Rock, who is familiar with the director Koji Shiraishi’s work, is an actor and talks about mysterious things in Tokyo’s secret mystery spot “...[Read More]


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Resurrected (2023)

In a dystopian future, the Vatican knows how to resurrect people. A priest discovers a conspiracy behind the resurrections and their possible link to ...[Read More]


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Dead Spirit Video: Forbidden Place (2016)

Includes a total of 10 posted psychic videos such as "Midnight mountain road", "The shadow behind", "Late-night office", "Fireworks display" and "Kitc...[Read More]


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End Pieces (2022)

Physics college student James is struggling mentally after being bullied throughout high school. His mind is made up and sees no other way out. He mak...[Read More]


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A Man Vanishes (1967)

Plastics salesman Oshima disappeared without a word to anyone, and has been missing for two years. Shohei Imamura and his crew follow Oshima's fiancé ...[Read More]


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Phénomènes Inexplicables: Cold Tapes (2020)

April 2019, Grenoble, France. Three friends are victims of paranormal phenomena following the viewing of several videos within a mysterious website. T...[Read More]


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Ghost (2023)

When a deadly religious cult begins weaponizing demonic entities, it’s up to a band of church funded mercenaries to take them down before they unleash...[Read More]


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Zeros and Ones (2011)

Los Angeles, 2006. Life is Easy 2.0 for James Pongo. He has a cushy job, a busy social life and an alluring love interest all through the click of a m...[Read More]


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Exhibit #8 (2022)

When Bosnian-born Aisha and cameraman Elias team up to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha’s brother, they cross paths with a...[Read More]


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Ghost Webcam (2023)

A young man under house arrest and his friends are haunted by an unknown force after logging onto a website that broadcasts images from a haunted room...[Read More]


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Love Possibly (2018)

A hopelessly romantic virgin and superfan of romantic comedies ends up over his head when a Moldavian mail-order bride moves to the U.K. to marry him.

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