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The Spirit Photograph: Paranormal Phenomenon (2010)

A ghost mockumentary that explores the cursed truth hidden behind a selection of spine-chilling horrifying photographs from among the ghost photograph...[Read More]


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Coolstock 2 (2022)

Coolstock 2 was a music festival created to rival Woodstock. There was no ‘Coolstock 1’, they just thought more people might show up if it sounded lik...[Read More]


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Let’s Go Meet Some Animals! (2008)

While taking a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, Chad, Matt & Rob explore an off-limits area of the park.


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UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016)

Five film students are producing a documentary about the local zoo when suddenly the animals go berserk: The reason is a light ball flying by in the s...[Read More]


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Scratch (2016)

SCRATCH is a found footage horror movie shot entirely on iPhones. Set in Los Angeles's haunted Old Zoo, SCRATCH tells the story of two would-be filmma...[Read More]

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