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Lactose: Zero Tolerance (2017)

A brave man opens up to a film crew about his biggest fear, milk.


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Unknown 2: Thorough Pursuit of Psychic Images (2017)

The 2nd volume of horror video collection with a completely new approach! A mysterious phenomenon recorded in psychic images... In order to find out t...[Read More]


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Unknown (2017)

A collection of horror images that illuminates the darkness lurking in psychic phenomena with a new approach. After taking a video of a person who liv...[Read More]


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Mysterious Collector – Utsuro Shikataro (2017)

From authors, talents, actresses, occult researchers to full-time ghost storytellers! A full-fledged ghost story series featuring the full range of gh...[Read More]


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The Door to Another World (2017)

A program that introduces horror videos such as psychic posted videos, UFO/UMA posted videos, psychic site inspections, and ghost stories. Includes se...[Read More]


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The Smiling Man (2017)

Shiori accidentally angers the Smiling Man, a demon that has been latched onto her soul since birth, who in turn torments her into discovering the mys...[Read More]


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Horror Vengeful Ghost Video (2017)

"Curse Revealed 20 Years Later" In the late Showa period, the contributor's mother, who was suffering from illness, left a video that could be called ...[Read More]


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Too Scary Surveillance Camera (2017)

A number of decisive spiritual phenomena captured by surveillance cameras and fixed-point camera images in various situations, such as security camera...[Read More]


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Vengeful Ghost Video (2017)

The mysterious things that appeared in the images taken in casual everyday life… It is scheduled to record 14 books, including “Northern Festival” whe...[Read More]


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Capturar: Las 1001 novias (2017)

A beautiful muse inspires an artist and his older friend to convert a dilapidated auditorium into a lavish rollerskating club.


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Simokita 2014 (2017)

Spin-off short story of the “Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi!” series.


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Found Footage (2017)

Deep within the reaches of The Facility is an archive of footage obtained by Agents from incidents involving the strange and unusual. Found Footage, t...[Read More]


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Dragonfly Eyes (2017)

A young woman's life takes a series of unexpected turns after she leaves the Buddhist temple where she has lived most of her adult life.


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The Blackwood Files (2017)

In February 2015, eight teenagers travelled to a remote ski lodge in the Blackwood Mountains. Only four would come back alive.


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Auntie’s Grudge (2017)

We believe that the spirits of Mizuko and Grandma are the spirits of those who have passed away, leaving regrets behind in this world. We decided to s...[Read More]


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The Witch of Devils Canyon (2017)

Two teenagers go in search of an urban legend based around a century old witch. However, some urban legends turn out to be true.


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1993 (2017)

In 1993 a time of radical movies and music Chuck and his family live an old house where everything is good he has a camera and many tapes. He thought ...[Read More]


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Curse [Noroie] House 2 (2017)

Kureki decided to live in the room where a murder occurred. The former resident was a woman who was an office worker and was stalked by a certain man....[Read More]


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Curse [Noroie] House (2017)

There is a dark job in the world that is blind to the public. Corpse cleaning, organ and human trafficking, revenge agency, experimental animal carcas...[Read More]


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The Diary of a Psycho (2017)

A psychopath named Sachin documents his murder spree on camera.

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