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Mystery Box: The Amber Green Story (2023)

Intrigued by videos of mystery box openings, Amber orders one for herself from the dark web. Inside lurks an insidious force waiting to be unleashed.


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Sir Norbert Smith a Life (1989)

Norbert Smith, A Life is a 1989 mockumentary charting the life and career of the fictitious British actor Sir Norbert Smith. It stars Harry Enfield in...[Read More]


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6 Days Alone (2022)

A man spends 6 days alone while his wife is out of town. What he soon discovers will change his life forever.


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The Witch of Devils Canyon (2017)

Two teenagers go in search of an urban legend based around a century old witch. However, some urban legends turn out to be true.


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The Sleep Study Murders (2015)

A group of Delta High School students are conducting a sleep study experiment for their anatomy class. During the course of the night, sirens ring out...[Read More]


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The Last Days of Emanuel Raposo (2021)

In the 1990s, a long time TV host from the Azores Islands comes to terms with his career's end in a turbulent fashion.


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Unaired (2009)

Found footage film about a reality TV show S.P.I entering its third season as the most watched Paranormal Hunting program with a Halloween premiere. T...[Read More]


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Uwharrie (2012)

In the spring of 2009, two friends left everything behind for one weekend. Their goal was to hike the remote region surrounding Troy, NC. After they w...[Read More]

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