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Horror Psychic Spot Women’s Independent Test (2009)

The screams of the idols are echoed by the extremely unscrupulous actions that should never be done, including the manager of the office.

Cursed Land Vol.2: The Earthbound Feeling that Caught Me and Won’t Let Go (2014)

Sometimes I feel someone’s presence in a place where no one is. I try to sharpen this feeling that I blame on my mind and try to contact the “ground-binding mind” that continues to refuse to die in the time that has stopped. In the ruins that I infiltrated as I was summoned, the Earthbound Mind grabbed me and won’t let me go.

Cursed Land Vol.1: The Earthbound Feeling that Caught Me and Won’t Let Go (2014)

It is said that even if someone disappears, is abandoned, or is forgotten, people’s feelings remain in the land, in the place, in the building. The ruins of a huge housing complex called “paradise above the clouds”, which sometimes eerily and sometimes mysteriously continues to exist, etc. Visiting cursed places across the country and coming into contact with the feelings of someone left behind.

Horror Vengeful Ghost Video (2017) Videos

Horror Vengeful Ghost Video (2017)

"Curse Revealed 20 Years Later" In the late Showa period, the contributor's mother, who was suffering from illness, left a video that could be called a suicide note, but a surprising message was hidden in it. It may have been her mother's curse suggesting a tragedy that happened five years in the future, about 16 years ago, from the shooting of her suicide note video.

Cursed Image That Really Existed: Darkness (2014)

The second video of the curse that really happened!

Real Curse Video (2014) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

What was projected at the birthday party held in memory of her deceased girlfriend...

Real Curse Video (2014) Videos

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