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Tontine (TBD) Review

“Tontine” (TBD) is a found footage satirical docu-thriller written and directed by Ezna Sands. Comparable to popular television shows such as “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race”, Tontine presents itself in a similar manner, offering 15 contestants a chance to compete in a reality game show, where the winner will take home a prize of $10 Million.  The big catch is, instead of the network p...

Tontine (TBD)

In June, 2007, a new reality show called 'Tontine' launched. Fifteen contestants were chosen and sent to a desert island in the Fiji’s for a 10 million dollar prize contest. During their journey to the island, radio transmissions from the contestant’s boat indicated that the boat had hit a cyclone in high seas and was taking on water. Two days after the storm, a radio signal helped the authorities...

Tontine (TBD) Videos

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