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Vengeful Spirit Cursed Video (2013)

A number of psychic videos that were in the materials collected by the director for the creation of the work. The appearance of vengeful spirits who appeared to curse and kill. A collection of posted videos that call blood that is different from the spirit that appears by chance.

Posted Spirit Image: Black Chapter (2016)

Full of amazing treasured images by masked collectors obtained independently from a completely different route from the existing similar titles!

Mysterious Collector – Utsuro Shikataro (2017)

From authors, talents, actresses, occult researchers to full-time ghost storytellers! A full-fledged ghost story series featuring the full range of ghost story kitan hunters who are active in various fields! Scary stories told in a strange way of speaking, many mysterious stories... The guide will be Shinmirou Ryugyoku, a master of classic rakugo ghost stories who has won the National Entertainmen...

Psychic Record I Experienced (2015)

Thorough coverage of victims who have been obsessed with grudges and ghosts.

Psychic Record I Experienced (2015) Videos

A Grudge Video That You Shouldn’t Watch: Curse Edition (2015)

Unseen grudges will drag you into a vortex of curses!

Selfie Stick: Grudge Video (2016) Videos

Selfie Stick: Grudge Video (2016)

Now that anyone can easily shoot videos, the spread of smartphones has further accelerated it. However, it invites misfortune that even things that should not have been reflected in the form of merit and demerit are recorded. This time, we have collected videos taken by ordinary people using popular selfie sticks.

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