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Real Curse Video: Grudge (2015) Videos

Real Curse Video: Grudge (2015)

The third installment from the popular series “Really Curse Video”. The spirits around you evoke the fear of hell! In the videos shot at special events such as graduation ceremonies and festivals, there are bloody and horrible grudges. All 14 posted videos are the entrance to a dangerous other world…

Cursed Image That Really Existed: Darkness (2014)

The second video of the curse that really happened!

Mysterious! Unbelievable Shock 2 (2004)

The second installment of the popular series that focuses on psychic photography! Mr. M is troubled by the spiritual phenomenon and memorializes the psychic photos that are thought to be the cause. However, the mysterious phenomenon does not subside and only becomes intense. In the recently taken photo, there is another figure of the same spirit…

Horror House Vol. 2 (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Eight men and women were gathered. What is the identity of the woman who joined late?

Horror House Vol. 2 (2021) Videos

So Yuko’s Really Scary Ghost Photo (2005)

Based on the psychic photographs selected by Ms. Yuko So, who is a psychic and a well-known appraiser of psychic photographs, we will shoot on location in the Izumo region, the sacred land of the gods. An abandoned hotel, an old pond with a legend of water burial, a railroad crossing where there are many accidents of unknown causes, the remains of a graveyard, a cape where corpses wash up, a suici...

Wakeari: The Haunted Property Next to You (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A contributor who attends a famous private university decided to live alone in an apartment. However, after about three weeks of living there, strange things began to happen, such as hearing noises coming from the next empty room, or knocking on the door so no one was there when I went out. Then, one day, I was knocked more than usual, and when I looked through the door scope, I saw an eerie long-...

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