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the presence

UFO: It Is Here (2016) – Audio Review – Episode 84

Tonight we review the German found footage film UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016), a.k.a. UFO: It Is Here, written and directed by Daniele Greco, creator of the German found footage film Die Presenz (2014). We dive deep into aliens, bird kills, and cattle mutilations! This episode is bittersweet as we bid farewell to Boss Butcher, who tonight announced his retirement from podcasting. Boss Butcher has pe...

UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016) – Interview with Director DANIELE GRIECO

We had the privilege of interviewing Daniele Grieco, director of two pivotal German found footage films UFO Es Ist Hier (2016) and Die Präsenz (2014). Found Footage Critic had an opportunity to discuss Daniele Grieco’s latest and much-anticipated horror sci-fi found footage film, UFO Es Ist Hier (2016). The movie follows five film students shooting a documentary at a local zoo who set out to...

UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016) Review

"UFO: Es Ist Hier" (a.k.a. "UFO: It Is Here") is a sci-fi horror found footage film from Germany that is written and directed by Daniele Grieco. The movie follows five film students shooting a documentary at a local zoo who set out to investigate what they believe to be a nearby meteorite crash. UFO Es Ist Hier is director Daniele Grieco's second found footage film, following in footsteps of hi...

Die Präsenz (2014) – Audio Review (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 081)

This week we travel to Germany (albeit virtually) to review the 2014 German language found footage paranormal horror film “Die Präsenz” by director Danielo Grieco. The film is available on DVD and VOD with German subtitles and is a high energy visceral rush that will assault your senses.

Die Präsenz (2014) Review

“Die Präsenz,” also known as “The Presence,” is a 2015 found footage horror film from Germany. The film is written and directed by Daniele Gieco. Die Präsenz follows a group of three friends who spend several days investigating an uninhabited and supposedly haunted medieval castle. The film opens with an on-screen message indicating that the footage about to be presented is police crime scene e...

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