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Alone in the Ghost House (2015)

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Alone in the Ghost House (2015)

A minor celebrity and her husband head out on the road to investigate the most haunted house in America for their very own reality show, but upon arriving at the Devil's Commune things become worse than they could have ever imagined. They wanted fame, they found HELL.

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  • steve wood

    Leaving DC overall is very good. I just watched it for a second time last night, thinking specifically of this site’s possible alternative theory about the realness of some of the film’s events. While I think the story is deliberately ambiguous in this regard, manipulation by Mark would explain a few oddities. Why doesn’t Mark take the recorded evidence to the sheriff? If the sheriff is unresponsive, take it to a private investigator. Why doesn’t he do more research on the background story of the house or what has happened there since the original events?

    Of course, even if there is manipulation happening, it still leaves open the question of what caused the original weird sounds – sounds that Claire heard as well. (Unless .. was it a pre-recorded sound Mark set up for some OCD reason, maybe to scare her into his arms? OK, I admit that’s a stretch.)

    Also, it’s very weird that no one in his group comments on his blog. Even if he was not popular with the others (a definite possibility), somebody would have said something eventually. Mark being as obsessive as he is, you’d expect him to mention it.

    Finally, could there possibly be a WORSE candidate for moving way the hell out in the middle of nowhere than Mark Klein? LOL, seriously, what was he thinking?

    • If we are to take Mark’s hypothetical delusional state to the extreme (and what we’re watching isn’t really filmed), it begs the question as to whether Claire even visited Mark’s home. Does he have any friends? Is there really a blog?

      From a more practical standpoint, the reason Mark doesn’t present the evidence to the authorities is probably the same reason he uses a game camera rather than a outdoor day/night video camera to record. The monster (or lack thereof) would be revealed too quickly with full motion video and Mark’s isolation would come to an end if the authorities entered the picture. Both of which would remove the tension and mystery of the film.

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