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REEL (2015)

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REEL (2015)

One of the sickest bloodbaths in horror movie history occurs after a deranged stalker becomes obsessed with real life horror film critic Todd Smith.

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  • Eduardo Borges Malheiro

    Does anyone found the link to the related movie?

    • For the time being, the director removed the film due to legal issues.

  • Jesse

    Has anyone found this video recently?! Cannot find this anywhere. The link on horizons website does not work

    • The director was offering the film for free viewing but pulled it for legal reasons.

  • gemini

    Is it out on video??? Cant find it ??

  • Around the most professional amateur film I’ve seen. I really don’t know what else to say, but it probably leans positively toward the movie that I’m speechless.

    • This film is nothing short of amazing. Great acting, great story, great setup, great cinematography, and great practicals. I spoke at length with the director and they really knocked this one out of the park. We have a full (spoiler free) review of the film here: http://foundfootagecritic.com/reel-2015/review/

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