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Welcome to Found Footage Critic

FoundFootageCritic is dedicated the Found Footage film genre – As avid fans, we made an concerted effort to locate every found footage film in existence and add all them all to our database. Our database is far from complete, but give us some time and we’ll get there!

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We’re proud and excited to offer our new community a kickass combination of features you won’t find anywhere else in support of the found footage genre!

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  • Each found footage Film has its own dedicated section
  • Trailer links for every found footage film
  • Full Movie Review and rating (posted by FFC)
  • Ability for users to login and post their own reviews
  • Ability to user to rate each move
  • Average cumulative movie ratings
  • Ability for users to post comments against any movie
  • Community forum
  • Standardized rating criteria
  • Standardized Genre breakdown specific to the found footage genre
  • Advanced Search option to look for a found footage film based on an insane number of attributes
  • Pre-Built Top-10 lists for just about every scenario a found footage fan could imagine
  • Lots more to come!

We strive to one day call FoundFootageCritic “the Official Found Footage Film Database” – And that’s where YOU come in. We are looking to you, the fans, for much needed feedback on films we may have overlooked, ways to refine our content.

Thank you in advance for your support and welcome to our community!

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Michael Steinberg, FFC

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