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Bad Ben 5: Crescent Moon (2018)

2010s All Releases Bad Ben Clown Comedy Daytime Demon Horror Night Vision Paranormal Supernatural Surveillance Camera Surveillance Footage TBD

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Bad Ben 5: Crescent Moon (2018)

The 5th installment of the Bad Ben Series, The Crescent Moon Clown, begins with the new owners of the home on vacation and their college-aged daughter home alone. She finds a locked box, opens it, and inside finds a clown rag doll buried in ashes and covered with a cross. She removes the cross and puts the box with the clown outside. Almost immediately, strange things start happening in the house and she is unsure if it’s her imagination or something sinister is at work. Filmed over the course of one night on surveillance cameras in the house on Steelmanville Road, fans of the Bad Ben series are sure to once again enjoy the adventure faced when one individual must face evil alone. Tom Riley appears in the final act of the film. Will he help or hinder in the quest to conquer these malevolent force’s, the worst being, The Crescent Moon Clown.

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