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Bad Ben: The Dracula Situation (2023)

Tom Riley has taken ownership of Steelmanville Road again and discovers that there is a tenant living there that was given a lease by the previous own...[Read More]


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Mortal Remains 2: Cult Movie (2023)

The grisly legacy of filmmaker Karl Atticus lives on in the minds of those who knew him, and in the souls of those who have come to admire his films.....[Read More]


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A Man Vanishes (1967)

Plastics salesman Oshima disappeared without a word to anyone, and has been missing for two years. Shohei Imamura and his crew follow Oshima's fiancé ...[Read More]


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Leaked Psychic Video: Deep Web (2021)

Contains psychic images leaked for various reasons. A video taken to leave evidence of stalking damage. When a woman is scared in the room, the interc...[Read More]


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Sealed Photo 3: Spirits Inviting You to Hell (2015)

The horrific ghost photos sealed on Don't See.com are now open to the public! Experience the unseen hell!


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Paranoia Tapes X: The Nightstalker Case Investigation (2022)

A maniacal man introduces a dark crime documentary.


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The Backrooms (TBD)

Planned film adaption based on viral found-footage shorts by Kane Parsons.


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The Market Street 6 (2011)

The Market Street 6 chronicles the final hours of six people who become stranded when the subway they are riding supposedly breaks down. Forced to dep...[Read More]


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Vlogger (2024)

A live anchor accepted the invitation and secretly filmed the ghost film crew, but unexpectedly, he filmed a hot picture of the unexpected death of th...[Read More]


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Transcendent Spiritual Experience: Abandoned Villa of the Red Night (2015)

A woman who likes ruins and is more afraid than anyone else. The place I chose to infiltrate was, of all things, a long time ago, a mass murder case b...[Read More]


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Rotten Dark Image (2016)

When I interviewed the scene of the incident where the car jumped into the gate even though the barrier was down, a terrifying spirit attacked me. A r...[Read More]


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Bad Ben: Alien Agenda (2023)

Aliens attack Tom Riley.


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5000 Space Aliens (2022)

The space alien commission has learned that 5000 space aliens currently live on planet earth. This film presents the only known footage of all 5000 sp...[Read More]


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Japan’s Map of Grudges 2!! Investigation: Curse of the Sea of Trees (2002)

Within a few months five family members die in mysterious ways. It all started with their only daughter taking their own life in the sea of trees loca...[Read More]


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Japan’s Map of Grudges!! Investigation: The Curse of Sugisawa Village (2001)

This film explores the strange similarities between the Sugisawa Village incident, where a young man is said to have killed all the villagers, and the...[Read More]


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1993 (2017)

In 1993 a time of radical movies and music Chuck and his family live an old house where everything is good he has a camera and many tapes. He thought ...[Read More]


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The Giant (1983)

A feature-length film composed entirely of security camera footage.


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Jeruzalem 2 (2022)

When doomsday happens on their wedding day, a couple in Jerusalem must bring their families together to put aside their cultural differences and battl...[Read More]


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Creep 3 (TBD)

The third installment to the psychological horror movie franchise 'Creep', where Mark Duplass reprises his role as a prolific serial killer who lures ...[Read More]


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The Witch Files (2018)

A coven of young women with incredible powers and difficult pasts discovers that they are able to make their every wish come true. Things, however, ta...[Read More]

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