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Ghost Divers (TBD)

$1M - $9M 2020s All Releases Budget Range Camera Mode Camera Type Daytime Decade Document Event Film Details Filming Reason Ghost Horror Legends/Myths Mocumentary Night Vision Paranormal Professional Camera Supernatural Thriller Traditional Genre

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Ghost Divers (TBD)

When a marine research vessel explores unusual shark activity in the Gulf of Mexico, they discover the horrifying truth behind an island legend. In this spine-chilling thriller, the pressure increases with each dive. From two thousand feet below the sea, where rare sharks attack their submersible, to night dives within a shark feeding frenzy, to unexpected twists that will leave viewers breathless. With the marine vessel slowly sinking, ghost divers surrounding them, and mounting animosity amongst the crew, each moment is increasingly intense, and every gulp of air may be their last.

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