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Found Footage Files Podcast – Found Footage Film Reviews, Interviews, and Lots of Fun!

Special thanks to BosFound Footage Files Logos Butcher, the host and founder of Found Footage Files Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to Found Footage films. FFC would not be where it is today without Boss Butcher’s support and encouragement.  Thank you Boss Butcher!

Found Footage Files Podcast offers end-to-end coverage of feature films shot in the found footage genre.  Each episode is devoted to reviewing a specific found footage film, discussing the latest found footage film news, and acknowledging fan feedback from Twitter and Facebook.  The podcast series also includes interviews of found footage film cast and crew.
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  • BlackFlag TV – The place to see many truly amazing independent films produced by filmmakers driven by a passion for the genre! We broadcast 24/7, live, on the web and on the Roku streaming television network. Active re-tweeter and supporter of Found Footage Critic
  • – Founded in 2003, is the longest continuously running Blair Witch forum and is the “go to” resource for everything Blair Witch.
  • Body Count Rising – Home to horror, cult exploitation, sleazy, and cheezy films.
  • Support Horror – Crowdfunding platform 100% dedicated to indie horror film project – Connecting horror filmmakers and fans to bring horror creations to life!
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