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A Stranger in the Woods (2024)

A young film student is about to make a documentary about an elderly man who has been hiding from the world for many years. But as secrets from his pa...[Read More]


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A Time Traveler: 2492 (2022)

Carlos Roma, a time traveler from the year 2492, comes to warn of big disasters and how new technologies will affect humanity.


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The Dead Forest (2014)

Between 2010 and 2013, more than ten people died in the Dead Valley. The medical examination did not find traces of violence in the victims, so it bec...[Read More]


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A Cold Grave (2024)

A girl vanishes, prompting her brother to brave a dark forest where he unveils the secrets that lurk beneath, and a chilling mystery awaits.


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Uritorco: at the summit only fear awaits you (2010)

A documentary filmmaker enters the Uritorcoára to film his adventure in the forest. He meets Adriana and soldiers looking for the remains of a UFO cra...[Read More]


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The File is Corrupted (2023)

From Crazy Space Gun studio, “The File is Corrupted” is about a film being made on the local legends surrounding a mysterious forest.


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Curse of the Apocalypse: Chapter 6 (2022)

The sixth psychic documentary by Kotaro Terauchi. Contains five tapes, including; "Malfunction", "Verification Recommendation Part 1", "Cheap Hotels",...[Read More]


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Cam from Hell (2012)

Four teenagers go to celebrate a friend's birthday in a country house, filming everything on camera. With its vulgar behavior, the company scares away...[Read More]


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A Grudge Video That You Shouldn’t Watch (2014)

From among the many horror videos posted on a mysterious horror website, we have thoroughly examined the videos with intense grudges.


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Aokigahara Jukai: Complete Document 2017 – The Curse You Don’t Know 2 (2017)

This is a compilation of documents covering Aokigahara Jukai over several months.


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Aokigahara Jukai: Complete Document 2017 – The Curse You Don’t Know (2017)

This is a compilation of documents covering the Aokigahara Sea of Trees over a period of several months. Cars without license plates abandoned on the ...[Read More]


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Jukai (2014)

A videotape was discovered in Mt. Fuji's Sea of Trees, which is famous as a suicide spot. Five men and women set foot there in order to shoot a docume...[Read More]


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Absolutely Scary Urban Legend 2 (2013)

The team behind 'Honto Ni Atta. Noroi No Video' will be unraveling many gruesome urban legends that are still shrouded in mystery.


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Suicide Pneuma (2003)

Ms. T's friend, Ms. K, who committed suicide, was a young girl who always hinted at suicidal thoughts, and it is said that those around her did not pu...[Read More]


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The Glenarma Tapes (2023)

In spring 2020, five art students and two lecturers went missing in a remote forest in Ireland. What happened to them has remained unknown - until now...[Read More]


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The One Above All (2017)

The One Above All is a Portuguese web-series that tells the story of a group of teens who start a channel on YouTube about skating and exploring aband...[Read More]


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Banned Video File Vol. 1 (2010)

According to rumors, there is a quiet abandoned village in the Y Prefecture that has been blocked by landslides and abandoned by the government. A tea...[Read More]


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The Hosts (2013)

Siberia, Western Sayan. Hunter and amateur videographer Sergey goes to the remote mountain taiga to hunt, watch the wild beast in ambush all night. De...[Read More]


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Real Record! Psychic Spot (2011)

A team of investigators search for psychic phenomena throughout Japan.

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