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Unknown 2: Thorough Pursuit of Psychic Images (2017)

The 2nd volume of horror video collection with a completely new approach! A mysterious phenomenon recorded in psychic images... In order to find out t...[Read More]


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Unknown (2017)

A collection of horror images that illuminates the darkness lurking in psychic phenomena with a new approach. After taking a video of a person who liv...[Read More]


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Psychic Exorcist Evil Spirit Strange Document (2008)

An inspirational actress who visits a sacred place in an unexplored region: Ai Yoshizaki is accompanied by a priest (exoscist) Yuji Kiba, a psychic re...[Read More]


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It really happened! Scary Haunted Spot (2010)

A horror documentary released by the staff of the “Horror Urban Legend that really happened” series. We will introduce 4 spots in total, including “Ta...[Read More]


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Posted Spirit Image: Yellow Chapter (2016)

The sixth video collection of forbidden posted psychic videos, from excavation videos that have been sealed for a long time to the latest posted video...[Read More]


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Freaky Shot Phase 3 (2016)

The third shocking psychic documentary by the staff of “Curse Video”! A number of spirits and strange phenomena that reflect such a trend as if they w...[Read More]


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A kool park (2022)

An anonymous person behind a camera films as he stays in a strange park, capturing strange things on video.


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Noroi no Douga: Too Scary Psychic Video Collection – Grudge Edition (2014)

The spirit also has a will (curse). There is a reason why he appeared there. Resentment, envy, sadness, sorrow, etc. The grudge hidden in the shadow o...[Read More]


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Bizarre Videos (2014)

There were two people who were in high spirits at the place they visited for the first time, but there was definitely a grudge from behind. However, t...[Read More]


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Do Not Watch (2023)

"Do Not Watch" is a decades-spanning mystery revolving around an unexplained phenomenon known as The Bunker Anomaly.


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Paranoia Tapes 11: Genesis (2023)

The eleventh installment in Jack Hunter's "Paranoia Tapes" franchise.


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Grudge Map 3 (2004)

Third and final installment to the “Grudge Map” series. The scream is fully visualized. A nationwide comprehensive version of Japan that includes all ...[Read More]


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Hunter’s Weekend (2018)

A weekend competition for hunters is thrown into disarray when one of the hunters turns up dead.


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Trepidation (2015)

Two college students in West Central Georgia embark on a journey into a local park for a science project. As they travel deeper into the woods, their ...[Read More]


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Suicide Net (2003)

The interview team, who went to talk to the mother of Mr. K, a high school girl who died in suicide, learns that she frequently wrote on suicide sites...[Read More]


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TJAProjects (2011)

Two friends, TJ and Amy, search for filming locations for their upcoming Slender Man film project. As they walk through a graveyard, they encounter th...[Read More]


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Super!! Scary Psychic Video (2014)

A signal from a different world that is entering into a small gap in daily life, anniversaries and memories.


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 5 (2016)

Following the previous work, Director Yamamoto's life against illness was also released nakedly, and a new interview team was formed in response to th...[Read More]


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Broadcast Dekinai Forbidden Spirit Video 3 (2014)

It evolved through the heat of the movie. Wriggling fear behind the scenes... How many times will it get cold to the core in the deep darkness of the ...[Read More]


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Kakari – Possessed – (2022)

Silk Road is abducted by a shooting staff who burst into the office. They had taken him to the ruins, a famous haunted spot in Japan. Then, mysterious...[Read More]

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