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Paranoiac (2015)

Miki Takamura is a romance novelist, but she has recently been suffering from depression and has been unable to write novels. One day, her editor, Hay...[Read More]


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Internet Horror (2015)

More than a month ago, Li Kemeng committed suicide by jumping off the building when she was the belle of University B and the lead dancer of the "Bad ...[Read More]


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Shed 17 (2015)

Discover the true and dark past behind Thomas the Tank Engine as told by those around him.


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Death Portrait (2015)

A collection of ghost videos with the theme of images that bring death, so-called death images.


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It’s Really There! Earth-Bounded Spirit – Cursed Posted Video Collection (2015)

A couple on a date who visited an abandoned tunnel of a haunted spot. Evil spirits nesting there attack one after another!


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Sealed Photo 3: Spirits Inviting You to Hell (2015)

The horrific ghost photos sealed on Don't See.com are now open to the public! Experience the unseen hell!


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Sealed Photo 2: Spirit Drifting in the Darkness (2015)

The seal of the gruesome horror photo is now broken… Experience the horror of shivering!


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Psychic Record I Experienced (2015)

Thorough coverage of victims who have been obsessed with grudges and ghosts.


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Transcendent Spiritual Experience: Abandoned Villa of the Red Night (2015)

A woman who likes ruins and is more afraid than anyone else. The place I chose to infiltrate was, of all things, a long time ago, a mass murder case b...[Read More]


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A Grudge Video That You Shouldn’t Watch: Curse Edition (2015)

Unseen grudges will drag you into a vortex of curses!


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Real Curse Video: Grudge (2015)

The third installment from the popular series “Really Curse Video”. The spirits around you evoke the fear of hell! In the videos shot at special event...[Read More]


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Zeckenkommando vs. Cthulhu (2015)

Lower Saxony’s most hardcore punk band faces off against the forces of evil summoned by their town’s elites.


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Freaky Shot Phase 2 (2015)

The second shocking psychic documentary by the staff of “Curse Video”! A number of spirits and strange phenomena that reflect such a trend as if they ...[Read More]


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Freaky Shot Phase 1 (2015)

A completely new psychic documentary by the staff of “Curse Video”. A number of spirits and strange phenomena that reflect such a trend as if they wer...[Read More]


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Really Scary Posted Video Super Grudge (2015)

The 2nd installment of the most terrifying video collection, filled with grudges. "Mountain Climbing", "Graveyard", "Ruins", "Multilevel Parking Lot",...[Read More]


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Spirit Box 4 (2015)

Suganuma was found to be in a state of confusion on the beach. He should have come to the river to bird watch, but he doesn't remember at all how he g...[Read More]


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Spirit Box 3 (2015)

The third psychic documentary where psychic phenomena and horror experiences are connected one by one and attacked with a big horror.


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P=ωρ Dark Energy (2015)

Students in anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, Etienne and Eloise have a team of paranormal investigators unravel the mystery surrounding ...[Read More]


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Trepidation (2015)

Two college students in West Central Georgia embark on a journey into a local park for a science project. As they travel deeper into the woods, their ...[Read More]


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Anthology of Horror 2 (2015)

Sequel to the horror movie anthology edited from Terra Studio Russia short movies.

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