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Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids (2012)

$5K - $9K 2010s All Releases Capture Proof Document Event Horror Legends/Myths Mocumentary TBD (Pending Review)

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Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids (2012)

Found footage film where the star of the Youtube series, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, embarks on a new adventure with her best pal, Nolan and a new sidekick Andrew. They head to Portland, Oregon in search of her favorite urban legend, Black Eyed Kids. Here they meet several witnesses who have seen Black Eyed Kids. This is a whole new adventure for the group and far from her normal ghostly adventures. Little does she know the Black Eyed kid's world is far more dangerous and evil than any of them could imagine. Will she make it out alive?

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