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Here’s How You Can Help Support FoundFootageCritic

FoundFootageCritic was built specifically for the fans and filmmakers of the Found Footage film genre.  We need your support to ensure that this online community is all that it could be!

1. Affiliate Links

If you are planning on making a purchase through Amazon, please click through our Affiliate Link for your next purchase. The affiliate link inserts a code that will earn FoundFootageCritic a few pennies on each purchase you make. Simply click on the link and log into Amazon as you normally would.

Affiliate links do not raise the price of your purchase. Those “pennies” come out of Amazon’s profit as a referral fee to FoundFootageCritic. Using the Affiliate link is completely anonymous and exposes no private information about you or your account.  All we see is the number of visitors who click through to Amazon, and the value of the purchase.

We deeply appreciate your support, as FoundFootageCritic would not exist without your contribution.

2. Help Get the Word Out!

Help us tell the world about FoundFootageCritic!  Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts (as well as other social media outlets) to let everyone know about FoundFootageCritic! Our Twitter account is @FoundFootageFan.

Do you run or contribute to a podcast? If so, please mention us!  The more exposure we get, the greater the number of Found Footage fans that will benefit from our community.

3. Contribute Content

Contributing to FoundFootageCritic will increase the richness of our content and provide more accurate information to our member community.  Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Rate films – The greater the number of User Ratings, the more accurate the Top film lists will sort
  • Post Comments – Is there something you like or dislike? Let us know!  Start commenting on posted reviews, videos, articles, and posts
  • Submit Reviews – Do you ever dream of being a film critic? Here’s your chance.  Submit User Reviews using the “Write User Review” link on the landing page of each film
  • Post in the Forum – Share your views on Found Footage films in the FoundFootageCritic forum

4. Tell Us How We’re Doing

What are we getting right? Where are we falling short? FoundFootageCritic wants to hear your suggestions and opinions, the good and the not-so-good. Only with this information can we improve.

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