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found footage horror

Found Footage Films Database Welcome to the most complete catalog of found footage films and found footage horror. We’re proud to say that our catalog is representative of found footage films made in …Read More
A group of American tourists travels across Eastern Europe. By accident, they get to Chernobyl, where they face some local evil. These are the ghosts of killed citizens who tried to flee the city thro…Read More
"Sorgoi Prakov, My European Dream" is a found-footage film directed by Rafael Cherkaski, following the model of a documentary in the process of being made. It concerns a television cameraman named Sor…Read More
Raw 3 is the third installment in the German found footage Raw trilogy. Linda searches for her sister Ivana.…Read More
Raw 2 is the second installment in the German found footage Raw trilogy. Ivana, the only survivor of the tragedy that took place in the forest years earlier, is contacted by a TV production company to…Read More
Three filmmakers spend the night in a haunted forest to shoot a documentary about the legend of Grete Müller, a woman convicted of witchcraft and burnt at the stake over 300 years ago. Coined as the "…Read More

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