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Gracefield Incident (2015) - Found Footage Films Movie Poster (Found Footage Horror)

PRESS RELEASE. Film Mode Entertainment announces the Berlin market premiere and theatrical release of sci-fi thriller, THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT starring Mathieu Ratthe (LOVEFIELD, THE TALISMAN), Kimberly Laferriere (IN FE, SAVING HOPE), Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles (HENRI HENRI, LE TORRENT), Juliette Gosselin (19-2, EMBRASSE-MOI) and Alex C. Nachi (STONEWALL, EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC). The film was written and directed by Mathieu Ratthe and is Ratthe’s feature directorial debut.

THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT will be coming to cinemas and subsequently across all platforms in the US this summer.  Parade Deck Films will be releasing the film in Cinemas. The theatrical distribution of THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT is further proof that innovative and fresh sci-fi thrillers, like ARRIVAL and INTERSTELLAR, are achieving a high-rate of success at the Box Office and across online platforms, are rising to the top of the marketplace and continue to remain in high demand.

“We’re excited to have found the perfect home for THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT with Parade Deck Films.” Said Clay Epstein, President of Film Mode Entertainment. “The film is a fresh, bone-chilling take on a familiar genre. We are big fans of Sci-Fi and I’m so excited that audiences and fans of the genre will be able to see the film in a cinematic environment.”

The Gracefield Incident (2015) - Found Footage Film Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT is about Matthew Donovan, a video game developer, who embeds a camera into his prosthetic eye and decides to test it out on a weekend getaway with friends at a luxurious mountaintop cabin. Things take a terrifying turn when a meteorite crashes nearby and Matt’s eye records their battle facing off against extraterrestrials.

“From the second I saw the film I knew we had to have it and are excited to see how audiences and critics alike react to such a brilliant and boldly creative film.” Said Michael Ingram, president of Parade Deck Films.

“We’re excited to partner with Michael Ingram, and his team at Parade Deck Films in launching THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT in theatres.” Said Ratthe. “To stay true to the purity of the genre, we worked really hard on every technical aspects of the film; extremely high quality visual effects, amazing sound design, and more, to give the audience the best cinematic experience possible. We believe watching our film in its natural environment will bring the audience right into the thrilling ride of the film itself.”

The distribution deal was completed via Epstein of Film Mode Entertainment and Michael Ingram from Parade Deck Films.

The film’s producer is Mathieu Ratthe.  Executive producers include Bryan Turner and Sergei Fedorov.

Film Mode Entertainment is representing worldwide rights on THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT.

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The Gracefield Incident (2015) - Found Footage Film Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror)

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