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Found Footage Critic

Aliens and a Global Government Conspiracy are the Subject of New Found Footage Film, “O. Unilateralis” (2016)

Earlier this week I was approached by Director, Michelle Nessk, with a teaser trailer for the new horror/sci-fi found footage film O. Unilateralis, scheduled for release in 2016. From watching the trailer, we learn that O Unilateralis has an alien element at play as well as a global government conspiracy, two plot elements that never grows old in found footage films. The trailer introduces us to t...

The Grove (2023) Videos

The Grove (2023) User Reviews


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The Grove (2023)

A man investigates the mysterious death of his girlfriend at the infamous Grove Hotel only to find that evil forces are at play. This film was produced by Futures Explored Film & Media Studio, a film school for adults with developmental disabilities.


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Tontine (TBD)

In June, 2007, a new reality show called 'Tontine' launched. Fifteen contestants were chosen and sent to a desert island in the Fiji’s for a 10 million dollar prize contest. During their journey to the island, radio transmissions from the contestant’s boat indicated that the boat had hit a cyclone in high seas and was taking on water. Two days after the storm, a radio signal helped the authorities...

POV HORROR Releases 3 New Found Footage Films this week!

This is a great week for found footage fans! The folks over at POV Horror are on fire, having released three new found footage films this week!  That’s right, three! First, there’s IRUL: Ghost Hotel (2021) a gripping found footage ghost hunter film from Malaysia; second on the lineup is Amanuda (2021), a new found footage film from India, and the first found footage film in Tamil langu...

Seekers (2015) – Found Footage Trailer

Seekers (2015) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis Accompanied by a cameraman, four friends go into the deep forests of Poland to shoot a documentary about their hobby: Geocaching, a modern form of treasure hunting. How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films Found Footage Film Genre Found Footage Film Rating Criteria

Michael Ramova announces new film project: A ROCK 35 MILES EAST

Director MICHAEL RAMOVA, creator of the found footage film  Panteon Wood (2015) is asking for support from the found footage fan community and horror fans alike for his crowdfunding campaign for his latest short film A Rock 35 Miles East. We asked Ramova about his latest project and here’s what he had to say, “‘A Rock 35 Miles East’ is a flick like no other. Take The Thing,...


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Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) Review

"WEKUFE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL" (WEKUFE) is the first found footage movie to hail from the country of Chile. The film is written and directed by first-time feature film director Javier Attridge. The story follows a journalism student and her boyfriend who travel to Chiloé, a small island south of Chile. The couple investigates a possible connection between a large number of sexual related crimes in t...

WEKUFE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL arrives on October 15, 2021!

Ge ready found footage fans! Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) makes its worldwide debut on Friday October 15, 2021. The critically acclaimed found footage horror film from Chile, written and directed by Javier Attridge, will finally be shared with eager horror fans. Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) is available on Amazon and POV Horror In an interview with Found Footage Critic, director Javier A...

Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Found footage film where a journalism student travels with her boyfriend to Chiloé, a remote Patagonia island in the south of Chile, to investigate the connection that exists between the great number of sexual related crimes and the myths ‘n’ legends that surround this isolated and mysterious place. Soon they will find out that behind these legends lies something much more obscure that will begin ...

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